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depending on how much i make tomorrow at work, i will buy these.

ktea and i spent the day together in columbus. thanks to h&m i stocked up on some good basics like a pair of really well-fitted (and cheap) cropped black cigarette leg pants and a pencil skirt. i spent a ton of money on food and stuffed my face probably 20% of the time we were there. shopping was actually an excuse to hang out with ktea alone. i hope we live together forever--or at least on the same block.

right now i'm watching the first season of kids in the hall thanks to nick. god i love this man:

also, I LOVE and MISS this man:

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so seth is sick, uhh-gain. When he was younger he had a tonsillectomy, which i think actually massacred his immune system. Every illness that comes around attacks him without risk of retaliation. We eat healthy--almost entirely organic--but it is not the miracle defense i hope for. another problem is his love affair with antibiotics. now that he does NOT have health insurance, he has to stick this one out. has anyone ever used this before:

yesterday the lovely lauranee visited dayton for the first time in too long. it was marvelous but short.

also, does anyone know where to buy this besides lux shop in helsinki:

right now seth and i are watching A Very Long Engagement. He has never seen it. I hope jeunet never dies.

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since i have no life i am spending my wednesday night staring at pictures of skeletor in various forms here:

and here:

has hip hop taught us nothing?

in other news i've started school and hopefully i will survive. my classes seem fun and interesting, especially my history seminar on the chinese may fourth movement and symbolic logic. we'll see i guess.

in still other news i am in love with a new pair of pleated wide-leg pants i bought from anthropologie. i think i just need a break from the current stovepipe phenomenon. it used to be fun, but with peg legs donning even the most sterile old navy mannequins, i am ready to be done.

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okay. these are such basic shoes that i'm frustrated they're not more readily available.

does anyone know where i can get these for less than 50 $$$??